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I was honored to be invited to the China Institute 2011 Gala ( at the famous Cipriani 42 street by its trustee Sophia Sheng.  As a Chinese living in New York, the city with the most Chinese population in America, I am glad to have discovered New York’s oldest institute for this important culture. Sophia Sheng, a friend and a dedicated trustee invited me to an interesting dance performance and showed me this organization, which provides a comprehensive program in not only culture, art, language education but also corporate business seminars for young associates and executives.

Attending the 2011 China Institute Gala at the 42 street Cipriani gave me a look at the professional level of its dedicated members.  One thousand elite attandants came from different fields and countries. They filled the beautiful Cipriani restaurant to honor the two Blue Cloud winners: American business executive Virginia Kamsky and Chinese real estate billionaire Zhang Xin. 

Both Kamsky and Xin are incredibly accomplished entrepreneurs. Kamsky was credited for her work to bring and introduce western businessmen to China and Xin, is one of the self made female billionaires in the world. She is only in her 40s.  They have helped people to learn more about China through their businesses and achieved tremendous successes from it.  When I chatted with Xin and Kamsky, I found them very sociable, funny and talked about their families a lot.

The evening gala opened my eyes about the accomplishment by the elite Chinese. I am also glad to discover a place for people to learn about this important culture in New York.

The event was hosted by China Institute President Sara Judge McCalpin and distinguished attendants included Jewelry designer Anna Hu, Trustee Sophia Sheng, Jay Goffman, Chinese Ambassador Peng Keyu and Anchor Kaity Tong. 

For more about what you can learn and participate at China Institute, go to

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