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Asia Society’s Annual Dinner ( is definitely a Whos Who event, all black tie in middle of ambassadors, celebrities and heads of organizations. Thanks to my dear friend Steve Orlins, President of National Committee on US-China Relations (, I had a fantastic evening and shared a table with Taiwan Director General Mr. Andrew Kao and his beautiful and funny wife.

Highlights of the evening:

1 Mayor Bloomberg made a surprise appearance and said, Asia Society’s dinner party is the 2nd best thing happened to him this year…next to the World Series!

2 Meeting Kati Marton is quite interesting…some may know her from her marriage to former ABC Anchor Peter Jennings, but I know her through 2 different people that I know. What a small world.

3 I love the Sesame Street puppet show which was so hilarious!! unexpected for Asia Society party but surprise is good.

It was such a treat for a week that I have been crammed among meetings, my show and worked on an exciting!! new project—I need to THANK some special friends who have helped me through this: Reginald Mbawuike, Andrea G., David Levinson, Steve Orlins, Irvin!!, Michael Vernon, Todd, Roberto Soto, Vivian, Antonio, Amanda Jin, Zhan Jun. Liu Zhengzhu, my darling sister Theresa Shi who is always there for me, Suli Yi, Songlin Zhang, NBC’s Jeff.,Phil, David Wilson and DAN!…and everyone who has encouraged me on it—you know it if we have talked about it.  It will be a huge progress and I am lucky to have you all there with me!

I have never felt so nervous and excited in my life, not even facing Angelina Jolie or at the Beijing Olympics, but it will be worth it, because it is my dream, passion and something that will reach millions even billions of people! (If you don’t really know what I am talking about, you will in the future.)

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